Why Rent Baby Equipment for Your Vacation

Traveling with babies or young children means packing lots of extra stuff – strollers, bottles, diapers, formula, diaper bag, extra clothes, travel friendly bathtubs and baby food.
We’ve rented strollers, car seats, play yards and bath tubs on previous trips and would highly recommend it to parents traveling with young children. Renting baby equipment prior to leaving made packing for our family vacation a lot less stressful and we didn’t have to worry about the airline damaging or losing our expensive baby gear.

Why You Should Consider Renting Baby Equipment:

  1. Lower Baggage Fees
    With baggage limitations and fees being charged on checked luggage, the cost of traveling with your kids can increase very quickly. Renting baby equipment means carrying less stuff through the airport and also means lower baggage fees.
  2. Less to Bring on the Plane
    Flying with young children is easier with a CARES Safety Restraint System (the only FAA Approved Child Flying Safety Device) than a car seat. From our own personal experience, car seats are much cleaner and better maintained from a baby equipment rental company than a car rental company.
  3. Stay Hands-Free
    If traveling with more than one young child, you might have too much stuff to bring and not enough hands to carry it all.
  4. Flexible Delivery Options
    Most rental companies will deliver either to your hotel or the airport so all you need to worry about is your luggage and your kids. We had a rental company meet us at the SFO airport with a stroller, car seat, play yard and bath tub. They also picked everything up right before we checked in for our flight home.
  5. Large Range of Items to Rent
    Baby gear rental companies provide families with a huge range of baby equipment – from car seats, highchairs, strollers, play yards, cribs, beds for toddlers, bathtubs, to pool toys and breast feeding pillows. Some supply diapers and baby food as well. This enables you to travel light (or as light as possible with young children).
  6. You Don’t have to Worry about Damaged or Lost Equipment
    The biggest reason we choose to rent equipment during our travels instead of bringing it all with us is that we don’t to worry about airlines losing our damaging our equipment. Car seats and strollers for multiple kids are not cheap so we leave them at home if we know there’s a reliable baby equipment rental company at our destination.If you like to travel light, consider renting baby equipment for your next family vacation.

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