ZOE XL2 Best v2 Double Stroller


The ZOE XL2 Best v2 at 7.7kg is the ultimate lightweight, compact, everyday double stroller for parents!

– Colour: Black/red
– Net Weight: 7.7kg
Carrying Capacity: Rated to 18 kgs and Tested to 22.6kg per seat
Open Dimensions: 102 (H) x 73.6 (W) x 86.3 (D) cm
Closed Dimensions: 66.7 (H) x 73.7 (W) x 17.8 (D) cm
Recline: 165 Degrees (where 90 Degrees is straight up and 180 degrees is totally flat)
Independent Seat Recline: Yes
Independent Canopies: Yes
Age Recommendation: 3 Months or Older

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