Hanil UV Sterilizer Dryer


– Colour: White
– Product Size: 270 x 316 x 395mm (W x D x H)
– Product weight: 4.5kg
– Premium grade UV-C sterilizer
– With infrared drying
– Patented 3M HEPA filter design
– International certifications
– With 3-pin plug (Safety Mark)
– Ensures 99.9% effective sterilization for baby bottles & children accessories (eg. pacifier, teether, training cup, nasal aspirator, toy, soft toy), breast pump parts, household/personal care items (eg. dishware, cups,cutlery, nail clipper, comb, razor, toothbrush).
– Made in Korea. Highest quality guaranteed!

Rent 7 days or longer, for a discounted rate of $7/day (Save $3/day!) 

Rent 30 days or longer, for a discounted rate of $5/day (Save $5/day!) 

Collect: 12pm - 7pm Return: 12pm - 7pm


Actual Condition Of Hanil UV Sterilizer Dryer For Rental


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