Lease Policy

Lease Policy

This Lease Policy is to be considered in conjunction with our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use. Any agents, employees, lawyers, or anyone else acting on behalf of a Member must follow the terms of this Rental Policy and all other policies of JLLJ LLP (“JLLJ”). Terms that are not defined herein shall have the same meaning as set forth in the Terms of Use.

The conditions of this Agreement apply to any leased items (“items”), including replacement items, leased from JLLJ.


  1. Lease Period

You (“Lessee”) hereby acknowledges receipt of the items in good order and condition and shall lease the items for the period shown in this Lease Agreement. JLLJ may agree to extend this lease period but the lease period may not normally exceed 30 days. If Lessee does not return the items back on time, Lessee is  breaking the conditions of this lease Agreement. JLLJ will charge Lessee for every day and/or partday. JLLJ will charge lessee at the contracted rate until the item is returned back to JLLJ.


  1. Lessee’s Responsibilities


  1. Lessee must look after the items and is responsible for any damage, theft or loss of the items being leased, or injury to persons or property arising directly or indirectly out of possession, use, or operation of the items by the Lessee whether or not caused by negligence.
  2. Lessee shall inspect the items upon delivery and accept or reject it. If Lessee does not reject them items upon delivery, the Lessee shall be deemed conclusively to have accepted the items. Rejection shall only occur if the items are not in accordance with the specifications published on or as a result of faulty materials or workmanship.
  3. A short video clip may be taken to capture the condition of the items before the start, and at the end of this Lease agreement. This video clip will be used as a verification for any damages incurred during the lease period and ensure that the items are returned in good condition, with only reasonable wear and tear from proper use accepted.
  4. Lessee must not sell, rent, transfer or dispose of the items or any of its parts. Lessee must not give any legal rights over the items.
  5. Lessee must not alter, add or improve on the items without JLLJ’s written permission
  6. Leessee must let JLLJ know as soon as Lessee becomes aware of a defect in the items.
  7. Where JLLJ has agreed to deliver the items to the Lessee, Lessee’s liability for

damage and theft shall begin on the delivery of the items.

  1. Lessee must return the items to the agreed return location or arrange for JLLJ to pick up the items before the expiry of this lease agreement. In the event of damage to the leased items, Lessee will have to pay for all repairs required to reinstate the items back to their condition prior to the start of this Lease agreement, as mentioned in Clause 2 c). If the items are damaged beyond repairs or are lost, Lessee must perform a replacement of the items in similar condition prior to the start of this Lease agreement to JLLJ. If the Lessee is not able to do so, the Lessee is obliged to purchase new items of similar specifications or pay the published price listed on the manufacturer or authorized distributor’s official website for return to JLLJ.
  2. Lessee must check that Lessee has not left any personal belongings in the leased items before returning the leased items. JLLJ shall not be liable for any belongings that may have been left behind.


  1. JLLJ’s Responsibility


  1. JLLJ  has  maintained  the items to the  manufacturer’s recommended standard for usage and undertakes that the items are in suitable condition for renting at the start of the Lease period. However, JLLJ makes no representations with respect to the suitability of the items to the Lessee.
  2. JLLJ shall not be responsible for any costs, losses or damages suffered by the Lessee arising out of or in connection with delays in or refusal to accept delivery of the items.


  1. Warranties, conditions and guarantees by manufacturers or suppliers


  1. Any warranties, conditions and guarantees by the manufacturers or suppliers of the items are theirs alone and not JLLJ’s. Any claims of the Lessee in connection with manufacturer’s warranties, conditions or guarantees shall be made directly against the manufacturer or supplier only.


  1. Condition for using the leased items

Lessee must not use the items for any illegal purposes or transport the leased items outside Singapore unless JLLJ has given Lessee written permission.


  1. Charges

Lessee’s obligation to pay the amounts hereunder shall be absolute and unconditional under all circumstances:

  1. The lease charges, any rates for delivering and collecting the items and any refundable deposits as indicated in this lease agreement. Refundable deposits will be returned back to the Lessee within 2 business days to allow for inspection of the items to check for any damages and that the items are in good condition.
  2. Any charge for loss or damages resulting from non-compliance with Clause 2
  3. On demand, all fines and costs for any offences conducted, to the appropriate authority arising from the misuse of the items. If Lessee does not pay these fines and costs within the stipulated timeframe, Lessee will be responsible to pay JLLJ reasonable administration charges, which arise when JLLJ deals with these matters.
  4. On demand, the full cost of repairing or replacing the items if they are damaged or stolen (even if it is not the Lessee’s fault).
  5. On demand, a loss of income charge, JLLJ will charge Lessee at the contracted rate if it cannot lease out the items because they need to be repaired, or if JLLJ is waiting for delivery of the replacement items as described in Clause 2 h). JLLJ will never charge Lessee for more than 30 days’ loss of income. Lessee shall also be liable to a charge for any diminution in value of the leased items as a result of damage to the items during the lease period.
  6. Interest, which JLLJ will add every day to any amount Lessee does not pay JLLJ on time, at the rate of 3% per annum above the 3 months SIBOR rate.
  7. On demand, JLLJ’s costs, including reasonable legal fees as permitted by law, incurred in collecting payment from the Lessee hereunder.
  8. Goods and Services tax and all other taxes and levies on any of the charges listed above, as appropriate.
  9. Lessee is responsible for all charges, even if Lessee has someone else to be

responsible for them. If it  is Lessee’s intention to pay by credit card or charge card,

then Lessee’s signature overleaf shall  constitute authority for JLLJ to compute and

debit the final total charges against Lessee’s account with Lessee’s specified card

issuing organization, including charges due as a result of theft of, or damage to the items, and any fines and costs as described in Clause 6 c).


  1. Information
  1. JLLJ will maintain the personal information on the form overleaf as part of JLLJ records to assist it to maintain and improve its administration and management of its business.


  1. Ending the rental
  1. If Lessee is a consumer, JLLJ shall be entitled to terminate this Agreement with

immediate effect and  the Lessee will be required to return the items straight away if (a) bankruptcy order has been made against the Lessee, (b) JLLJ finds out that Lessee’s items have been taken away from the Lessee to pay off Lessee’s debts; (c) a receiving order is made against the Lessee; or (d) if Lessee does not meet any of the conditions of this Agreement

  1. If Lessee is a company, JLLJ shall be entitled to terminate this Agreement with immediate effect and the Lessee will be required to return the items straight away if (a) Lessee goes into liquidation; (b)  Lessee calls a meeting of creditors; (c) JLLJ finds out that Lessee’s items have been taken away from it until it pays off its debts; or (d) Lessee does not meet any of the conditions of this Agreement
  2. If JLLJ terminates this Agreement, it will not affect JLLJ’s right to receive any money it is owed under the conditions of this Agreement or to enforce any of its rights under this Agreement. JLLJ can also  claim extra costs from Lessee if Lessee does not meet any of the conditions of this Agreement. JLLJ  can repossess the items and charge the Lessee if JLLJ does this.


  1. Governing law

This Agreement is governed by the laws of Singapore. Any dispute may be submitted to the non‐exclusive  jurisdiction  of  the  Singapore  courts.  If  any  provision  of  this  Agreement  is  or  becomes  invalid  or  unenforceable, the remaining provisions shall not be affected.