Play-based learning, made accessible.

LittleTotsWonder seeks to encourage play-based learning which has been found to support the holistic development of young children as active, playful, curious and competent learners and communicators.

Our Current Initiatives

Collaboration with Pre-Schools

As a complement to the curriculum in inculcating more hands-on play-based activities via:

  • Provision of a variety of products for testing out creative learning concepts without incurring high capital outlays and storage constraints
  • Tie-ups with reputable service providers at preferential rates
  • Optimise under-utilised teaching materials for exchange/rental
  • Engaging experts to optimise the learning process and achieve the learning objectives effectively

Events Hosting

Envision a one-stop learning playground for kids to learn life skills and experiences within a real-life environment.

  • Science Exploration
  • Cooking / Dancing / Music Studio
  • Painting / Art & Craft
  • Sewing and Accessories making
  • Experiencing different Sports such as Cycling, Segway, Blading, Archery
  • Coding and Robotics
  • And More!

Specialised Kid-Centric Web Portal

As a specialised kid-centric platform to offer affordable kids related product leasing/sale and services for everyone:

  • Unified pricing mechanism to offer transparency on prices for product leasing/sale and services
  • A trusted party that provides quality goods and services
  • Increase awareness on suitable kids product and benefits of these products

To provide affordable product leasing, sales and services for everyone.


Redefine ownership.


Littletot : “Mummy, that looks interesting and fun, can we get that pleaseee?”

Mummy : “Baby, there are some things that you bought previously which you have only played with for a few times. The house is getting messier and it costs a lot of money to keep buying new things……..”

As parents, we are often faced with the issues of having too many things at home with too infrequent usage and too little storage space. And still, things seem to be never sufficient to keep up with their growing needs and endless curiosity . The notion of sharing was thus conceived among discussions about the stuffs we bought for kids that are now lying around because we want them to have new experiences and learn new skills, the amount of things we buy for purpose of a single trip as lifesavers to help us enjoy that special trip more, etc.

Being strong believers of play-based learning, which has been found to support the holistic development of young children as active, playful, curious, and competent learners and communicators, you can now put a smile on their faces without breaking the bank.And so, LittleTotsWonder, an online marketplace for parents was introduced to provide a platform to help fellow parents:

  • For travelling parents visiting Singapore, or for families with short-term stay plans in Singapore, we are here to partner you in providing the kids stuffs right as you touch down at the airport, or have them delivered to your accommodation. We hope you will be able to make the best out of the stay in Singapore and enjoy the place!
  • For travelling parents going overseas, we have a wide range of travel-friendly and light-weight products for you to bring along for the trip! Let us handle your travel essentials while you enjoy the moments with your loved ones!
  • Birthday of your little ones round the corner? We offer a one-stop platform for your party needs. Celebrate the milestone, without the hassle from coordinating with multiple vendors at affordable rates. Convenient access.
  • During their growing up years, how we wish to provide them with new experiences, but yet often putting it off due to uncertainty because we are unsure if it is suitable or if it would be used regularly. We are here so you can lease it to try and test out the products before you purchase them. This also prevent wastage and clutter, in our support for the eco-environment. There is no need to forgo the chance to experiment wide variety of things with sustainable access.

Let’s not forget about us as parents too! From useful household products that helps us be more effective and efficient to the latest technology and electronic gadgets – you can continue to indulge in your hobbies and favourite pastimes through our wide range of product selections at affordable rates.

After all, our mission is to provide affordable product leasing, sales and services for everyone. Redefine ownership.


We love to hear any feedbacks or enquiry from you.

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